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Sardar Muhammad’s blind family weave beds to make ends meet.

Faisalabad: Fifty three years old Sardar Muhammad is blinded in the eyes along with his wife and four children. 

Sardar Muhammad was born normal but as he reached to the age of eight, he lost eyesight in both his eyes. However, his disability did not make him rely on anybody. He started weaving beds at a young age to support his widowed mother and siblings.

He then got married to a girl named Nazeera, who was also blind. Muhammad now has four children, all disabled in the eyes.

Belonging to a poor household, Muhammad’s wife Nazeera said they cannot take the burden of treatment, “Help us. Get us treated.”

Sardar Muhammad says that our politicians go abroad to get themselves treated while the poor do not even have the means to get treated in their own country.

“The politicians go abroad to get themselves treated while we do not even have the facility of getting ourselves treated in Pakistan.”

Sardar Muhammad’s 10 year old blind daughter also appealed to the government saying:

“I also feel like seeing my siblings, and parents”

Not just this, Sardar Muhammad is also educating all his children with his limited means weaving beds for more than 37 years now.




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