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VIDEO: Saudi teen’s dance in front of traffic signal sparks Twitter storm

JEDDAH: A Saudi teen has sparked internet storm after he walks to a traffic signal and begins dancing, surprising all onlookers.

Twitter has been abuzz with debate over a 40-second video of the incident as tweeps took to the social media platform to air their conflicting views on the widely-circulated, unusual scene.

Some viewers voiced critical of his “discourteous” act and demanded that he be punished, others pointed out that he is a child who is doing what many children at his age should be doing — having fun.

It also happened that some other Twitter users went as far as to call him a “hero” that people need in their lives.

Baffled to see an unusual scene, several people suggested that he could be involved in some sort of a challenge with a friend, while others said this could be the result of a long summer holiday, leading youngsters to find inventive ways to keep themselves entertained.

But, what was actually the reason behind teen’s dance on the street could not transpire.





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