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Saudi man finances his Pakistani driver’s wedding

RIYADH: A Saudi man has facilitated the wedding ceremonies of his private Pakistani driver with a Filipino woman after making all arrangements for their wedding at his own expense, the local media reported.

Treating him as a family member, young Saudi Mazyad Al Heshal made all the preparations for the marriage of his driver, Asaad Mohammed.

When Asaad informed his employer Al Heshal about his desire to marry a young Filipino woman, who had reverted to Islam a year ago, Al Heshal did not hesitate to do everything to facilitate their marriage.


The first thing Al Heshal did was contact the Filipino woman’s sponsor and obtained his consent. Then, his efforts focused on completing the formal legal procedures.

He managed to procure the required consent from the relevant Saudi court as well as from the embassies of both Philippines and Pakistan. Subsequently, the proposed wedding couple underwent a premarital screening.

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Then the wedding ceremony was held strictly in line with the coronavirus protocols ay Al Heshal’s house.

The groom, who was dressed in traditional Saudi costume, expressed his happiness and gratitude to his loving and compassionate sponsor Al Heshal and the concerned Saudi authorities for making his dream come true.



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