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So the secret is out in Cheekh!

Yes, the culprit himself confessed attempting to rape and then killing Nayab after failing in his nefarious designs.

The ARY Digital play ‘Cheekh’ has entered a critical phase in its sixth episode as the mystery revolving around the murder of Nayab (played by Ushna Shah) finally stands resolved.

Wajih (played by Bilal Abbas Khan) confessed his crime before Mannat (Saba Qamar) after Mannat’s personal investigation into the horrific murder of her friend made him the top suspect.

Since her murder, audiences have seen a restless Mannat, interrogating each and every person and trying her best to find a clue which can lead to her murderer.

As all her interrogations pointed to her brother-in-law Wajih, the woman, finally breaks into his room and recovers his sherwani, the dress he wore on that day. As she finds that Wajih’s sherwani torn from a side.

As she stood there thinking about how and why Wajih killed Nayab, the man himself enters the room, confesses his crime and then advises Mannat to keep his secret with herself (for now, in his and his family’s eyes, its a case of their honour).

Though Mannat listens to his story and the story of her friend’s unfortunate encounter with this beast, she couldn’t stop crying.

Wajih openly says that he offered Nayab a live-in relationship before marriage and when she refused, tried to rape her, only to get slapped by the girl. Failing in his attempt and out of fear that she might tell others about his intentions, Wajih confesses that he was the one who threw her off the balcony.

Devastated,  Mannat goes straight to her mother and takes her into confidence over the matter only to be advised to stay silent and keep the secret with herself.

Mannat, however, is in no mood to let Wajih get away with murder and attempted rape.

The audiences are now eagerly waiting for the next episode and the curiosity is all-time high as to what step will Mannat take considering the price she might have to pay for trying to get justice for her late friend.