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Security forces arrest four Arab nationals for illegal hunting in Nushki

QUETTA: Security forces arrested four Arab nationals including two Omanis from Pakistan’s border town of Nushki for illegal hunting, ARY News reported on Saturday.

The security forces confiscated four trained falcons, commonly used to hunt birds.

According to official sources, the men were making arrangements for hunting at time of arrest.

One of the man, whose nationality could not be established, sustained a gunshot injury after putting up resistance to security personnel. However, it is yet to be known whether he was injured by firing of his companions or the security personnel.

As winter begins, members of Arab royal families from Saudi Arabia, UAE and other Arab countries arrive in Pakistan for hunting the endangered bird houbara bustard.

Earlier this year on February, 16 members of an entourage of an Arab prince were arrested for breaking a barrier of a Levies checkpoint in Nushki district.

Official sources then said an advance party of the prince was enroute to Mashkeel to make arrangements for hunting the houbara bustard when it ignored Levies personnel’s signal to stop at their post for checking. The entourage reportedly tried to escape by breaking the Levies barrier.



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