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Senate passes Elections Amendment Bill 2017

ISLAMABAD: The Senate on Friday unanimously passed Elections (Amendment) Bill after the National Assembly approved revival of sections 7B and 7C to its original form.

The bill was presented by Law Minister Zahid Hamid during a session of the upper house of the parliament chaired by Chairman Raza Rabbani.

Speaking on the floor, the law minister said the omitted sections of The Conduct of General Elections Order, 2002, relating the status of Ahmedis have been restored to its original form.

On the occasion, Senator Aitzaz Ahsan questioned the government’s role to curb the prevailing chaotic situation in the federal capital.

The ruling party’s office bearers along with PM Abbasi are attending meetings in Jati Umra and the situation in the federal capital remains tense, he underlined.

He was referring to the sit-ins being held by the religious groups for more than a week, demanding action against those involved in making an amendment to the clause pertaining to the Khatm-i-Nabuwwat oath for electoral candidates, besides the resignation of Law Minister Zahid Hamid.

Meanwhile, Senate Deputy Chairman Abdul Ghafoor Haideri of JUI-F said that the status of Ahmadis is the same as it was in the 1973 constitution.

On Thursday, the National Assembly had passed the bill with 242 parliamentary members voting in its favour while one against it.

The bill is yet to be signed into law by President Mamnoon Hussain.

Constitutional Amendment Bill 2017

The upper house of the parliament was also expected to pass the 24th Constitutional Amendment Bill 2017 with regard to delimitation of the constituencies ahead of upcoming general elections in 2018.

However, the bill is now be tabled on Monday.




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