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Dummy Murad Saeed reveals his economic plan

So in another fun-filled episode of popular ARY News’ show ‘Har Lamha Purjosh’, the audiences burst into laughter over jokes cracked by mimicry artist Shafaat Ali who played Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MNA Murad Saeed during the show.

The dummy Murad Saeed not only revealed his economic plan but also revealed who approached him for an NRO (a euphemism for relief in accountability cases) and offered justification of his “$100billion” statement.

Shafaat Ali, while playing the MNA, said that he has a plan to steer the country out of financial crisis and that plan is the “chicken plan” as he will buy a hen and  a rooster to start poultry farming. The billions of eggs produced in the farm will be exported to bring back dollars, thus fulfilling his promise of bringing billions of dollars in the country.

After listening to this genuis plan, his fellow comedia Sakhawat Naz quipped “even if we export an egg for $5, we can bring back five billion dollars back to Pakistan”.

This was not all, the dummy Murad Saeed also revealed who approached him for an NRO by pointing at former cricketer and analyst Basit Ali.

As Basit Ali approached him, he first tried to run away then hid behind Sakhawat Naz, thus generating a lot of laughs.

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