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Shah Rukh defends Aamir Khan over “intolerance” remarks

According to IBN Live, Shah Rukh said he will now be addressing only those issues on which he has detailed knowledge.

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“You don’t have to be proving your patriotism in any other way, except for thinking good for the country and doing good. You have to work for the benefit of the country.”

“If I work for the country in the most kindest way in what I am good at, my country is going to benefit from that. But if I am corrupt, and regional about it, I will be harming my country,” the report quoted Shah Rukh as saying.

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Aamir had stirred a veritable hornet’s nest when said he was “alarmed” by a number of incidents and his wife Kiran Rao even suggested that they should leave the country considering growing intolerance.



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