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Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol celebrate 20 years of DDLJ with nostalgic video

When Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge first hit screens, it swept everyone off of their feet. There were always lots of reasons to love the film, mainly owing to its stellar romantic plot, lively characters Raj and Simran and yes of course, the numerous hit songs it featured! 20 years on, the movie still continues to pull heart-strings and enchant Bollywood buffs.

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To celebrate the immense success and response that DDLJ has received throughout, director Rohit Shetty and his crew came up with a special short video for fans, from both the megastars. Here is the mesmerising video from Shah Rukh and Kajol, in which they thank their fans for falling in love with the movie and their characters as well:-

Shah Rukh Khan & Kajol Celebrate 20 Years Of DDLJ by murgikandy
The video features the two discuss their most popular film till date, while sitting on a bench. Shah Rukh demonstrates his sense of humour by cracking jokes every now and then related to the movie. At the end, he hands over a rose to Kajol, professing his love for her. The move touches her heart, until a squirt of water from the rose on her face reveals to all that it was just a prank by Shah Rukh!

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge broke records in India for being the longest running Hindi film in a cinema. It reportedly ran for 1,009 weeks at the Marathi Mandi Cinema in India. DDLJ is the story of a free-spirited Punjabi man named Raj Malhotra, who falls in love with NRI Simran. However, there is trouble in paradise as Simran’s father (played by Amresh Puri) doesn’t approve of Raj.

Not only that, SRK and Kajol also recreated the famous image of DDLJ”s cover, in which Shah Rukh is carrying Kajol on his shoulders, even 20 years on.

Shah Rukh and Kajol’s film Dilwale will be released on December 18 of this year. The movie also stars Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon.



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