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Shahbaz Taseer finally reaches home after four-and-a-half years

After more than four years, Shahbaz Taseer finally arrived at his home residence in Lahore where friends and family members were eagerly awaiting his return. Stringent security measures had been undertaken to ensure the safety of Shahbaz and all those who were gathered at his residence. People gathered at the Taseer’s residence were extremely happy on the occasion and were seen distributing sweets. He was brought home surrounded by a convoy of cars and amid tight security.

Here’s what Shahbaz’s wife Maheen tweeted upon the arrival of her husband:-

Speaking on the occasion, his father-in-law Salman Ghani said he was very much elated at his son-in-law’s return and thanked everyone for their prayers for Shahbaz.
“My feelings and the feelings of the entire country are one,” he said. When asked to tell more about what he was feeling at the moment, Ghani said:-
“There are some feelings which are so strong that they cannot be described. This is one of those feelings that I am unable to describe at the moment.”

Shahbaz Taseer reunites with family in Lahore by arynews
Shahbaz had been kidnapped from his office on August 23, 2011 by militants who demanded ransom for his release. He was recovered by an operation led by Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) together with intelligence personnel in Kuchlak, Balochistan. His hair and beard were both overgrown, in the recent pictures that were circulated among media.

Shahbaz had been brought to Lahore from Quetta this morning via a special aircraft. So far, no representative of the Pakistan Peoples Party was to be seen at his residence.




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