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Shahid Afridi visits Lady Reading Hospital– donates Rs. 5 million for suffering patients

According to the press release from the Shahid Afridi Foundation:-

The Shahid Afridi Foundation (SAF) is one of the fastest growing not-for-profit organizations of Pakistan with tremendous growth in just over a year since its inception in 2014. The core concept behind it is charity laced with absolute philanthropy. The foundation is dedicated to supporting people who are in need of good healthcare; enhancing the character of children through educational development and supporting communities all over Pakistan.

After the hospital visit, as soon as he learnt about the devastation by the Earthquake in further areas, he decided to travel further north and headed to Bara, Khayber Agency, area. Here he witnessed wreckage and destruction here and shared the common man’s grief in these trying times. Shahid tried to bring a smile on the people’s otherwise sad faces here. He revived the Hope and morale of the residents. Then he announced to mobilize the Shahid Afridi Foundation (SAF) team to help maximum number of these victims.

The press release also stated:-

“This was an eye opening experience and I could feel the pain myself because I have children too. Wish I could go further and deeper into the region too but those were no-go areas and we could not get clearance…”

His appeal to the country is for everyone to contribute wholeheartedly towards the welfare, reconstruction and development of affected areas of Pakistan.



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