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Shahid Hamid case: suspect Minhaj Qazi identified as murderer

According to details, suspect Minhaj Qazi was presented today at the court for a hearing pertaining to the murder of former KE Managing Director Shahid Hamid. The suspect had been produced at the court for identification. An identification parade was held today at the court during which Minhaj Qazi was lined up with ten other suspects in front of the Judicial Magistrate.

Shahid Hamid’s widow and son recognized Minhaj Qazi as the murderer in front of the attendees. Shahid Hamid had been murdered in 1997 by notorious criminal Saulat Mirza and his accomplices. Saulat Mirza was the key suspect in the case and he had been already hanged after being found guilty.

Saulat Mirza was hanged on May 12, 2015 at Machh Jail.




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