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Shakar Wandaan competition in full swing, as fans send in their videos

Ever since Mahira Khan announced the competition in which a person has to record the steps to the famous Shakar Wandaan dance, people have started sending in loads of their dubsmash videos. Here are a couple which were sent by fans aspiring to secure the highest likes and win the prize:-

This one kid looks to be a strong contender for the competition, owing to his stellar dancing skills:-

Apparently, the song has also been a very huge hit with cats as well!

Even Sanam Baloch couldn’t resist shaking a leg to the Shakar Wandaan song and pulled a classic one off with Sheheryar Munawar!


 So what are you waiting for, if you haven’t sent in your Shakar Wandaan video yet? In case you forgot what the whole competition is about, here’s Mahira Khan to remind you again:-



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