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Shiv Sena threatens protest if Pakistani ghazal maestro Ghulam Ali’s Mumbai concert isn’t cancelled

Pakistani artist Ghulam Ali was scheduled to perform a live concert in Mumbai on Friday, 9th of October 2015. However, it seems that may never come about, due to extremist political party Shiv Sena’s threats. The party warned on Wednesday that if Ghulam Ali’s concert was not cancelled, they would protest ‘in their style’ against it.

Ghulam Ali’s scheduled performance is set to take place in Shanmukhanand Hall at Matunga, Mumbai. Describing the reason for their displeasure at Ghulam Ali’s pleasure, Shiv Sena stated that they could not tolerate any kind of cultural contact with Pakistan, since the country was killing its soldiers.

“We are against any form of cultural association with Pakistan. We cannot have ties with a country that kills our soldiers. They are against us why should we let their singers perform here,” Akshay Badrapurkar, general secretary of Shiv Sena’s umbrella organisation Chitrapat Sena, told an Indian daily.

Akshay also alerted everyone that they had delivered the warning first. However, if it was not heeded, then the party would protest.

“Today we are requesting them (organisers) to cancel the program if the don’t then we will be forced to protest in our style,” he added.

This is not the first time that Shiv Sena has demonstrated hostility towards Pakistani artists. Last year, when Pakistani Sufi rock band Meekal Hasan performed at the Mumbai Press Club, their medley was also disrupted by angry Shiv Sena supporters. A couple of months ago, Pakistani singing sensation Atif Aslam was forced to cancel his scheduled concert in Pune.



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