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You cannot meet this elegant supermodel!

This supermodel is taking social media by storm and people are going gaga over this beauty

She has her followers from every country but none can actually meet her, for she is not real.

Cameron-James Wilson, a 28 year-old, self taught, British photographer created what people are calling the “world’s first digitally-created supermodel” and named her Shudu.

Shudu’s Instagram by the name of Shudu.Gram amassed a lot of followers after her first pictures were posted but none knew who she was or was she real.

Once Rihanna’s beauty line (Fenty Beauty) reposted a photograph of Shudu and people started speculating whether she was authentic or not.

The Creator

Cameron-James Wilson told a magazine that he spent the last 10 years working in the fashion industry. Ending his education two years later, because of his lack of interest in school, he began to share why a classroom setting wasn’t his preference for seeking knowledge.

He then taught himself 3D, using online resources and youtube videos and then created Shudu, the supermodel.

“A lot of what we see in media is trying to be less real, with filters and makeup. Shudu is coming from the other direction, she’s a fantasy trying to break through into reality and I have plans to help her do so,” Cameron said during the interview.


‘Je ne suis pas désolée’ Part I #daz3d #3dart

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Shudu is famous and her Instagram posts have gained hundreds of thousands of likes. “YOU’RE TOO PERFECT TO BE REAL,” wrote on fan.

But Shudu’s creator is not only basking in glory, he has his fair share of critics too.

“Just another white man trying to capitalize off of black people, while also stealing the spotlight from REAL dark-skinned women that weren’t just ‘created’ & had to fight for their shine in such a white-washed world,” wrote one man on his magazine interview.

“As much as I appreciate art I detest the fact that the minute dark skin is finally glamourized by the mainstream media a white man finds a way to commericalize & capitalize off it. Black skin is not a trend. Black skin is not a toy. Black women even more not so,” wrote a Twitter user Sonia Pratt.




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