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Sindh Culture Day being celebrated today, world’s longest Ajrak unveiled

HYDERABAD: What is being claimed as the longest Ajrak in the world, measuring at 130 meters in length and 20 feet in breadth, the Sindhi traditional shawl was exhibited for the world today (Sunday) on account of Sindh Culture Day celebrations.

Sindh Culture Day is being observed with zeal and zest across the province and elsewhere in the country.

On this occasion, various cultural, government and non-government organizations are holding seminars, rallies and conferences to highlight the centuries old culture of Sindh valley.

Donning cultural dresses with Sindhi topi and ajrak, the traditional block printed shawls to spotlight centuries-old rich culture of Sindh.

In Larkana, a large number of people including political workers, leaders, NGOs, students, laborers, villagers, associations,and workers were purchasing the traditional Topi and Ajrak to mark the day.

As the demand of Topi and Ajrak was soaring, the shopkeepers also raised the prices.

The shopkeepers of Shahi Bazar, Resham Gali, Pakistan Chowk, Royal Road and other tehsil markets told that they ran out of stock due to high demand.

Rallies are also being taken out in Karachi, Hyderabad and others cities of Sindh to mark the day.



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