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Sindh collects Rs 42bn taxes in eight months


KARACHI: Sindh Excise Department says it has recovered more than Rs 42 billion during last eight months in heads of various taxes.

The department had collected Rs.37 billion in the same corresponding period last year, said Sindh Minister for Excise and Taxation Mukesh Kumar Chawla during a meeting.

Excise directors told the meeting that Rs. 4.6 billion were recovered in terms of motor vehicle tax, Rs. 32.5 billion in terms of infrastructure cess, Rs 0.27 billion million in terms of professions tax, Rs. 0.68 billion in terms cotton fee, Rs. 1.5 billion in property tax and Rs. 35.275 million in entertainment duty, while the remaining amount was recovered in heads of other taxes.

Chawla asked officers to speed up recovery of the taxes and accomplish their target before the end of the current fiscal year. He, as the statement claims, said: ‘it is our prime duty to get our objectives before the current financial year ends and to deposit the taxes into national exchequer.’



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