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Sindh governor seeks explanation over child’s losing arms due to alleged negligence of K-Electric

KARACHI: Sindh Governor Imran Ismail on Thursday sought explanation from the K-Electric (KE) as a child lost both his arms after touching live wire fallen on the ground in Karachi, ARY News reported.

The governor has also sought an explanation from the commissioner Karachi and directed him to provide the eight-year-old young boy, resident of Ahsanabad, medical facilities.

After the incident, Umer was rushed to a hospital where doctors diagnosed that his arms were wasted because of severe burns, therefore, they cut them both.

Burns Center In-Charge Dr Ahmer said they tried their best to save the arms but to no avail. They had no option but to cut the forelimbs as they were critically burnt, he said.

Will take legal action against KE, say parents

Aggrieved parents of the victim have announced to take legal course against the electricity providing organisation over its negligence.

Giving detailed account of the incident, father of the young boy said his kid was going to a shop from home when the 11 KV high tension wire fell on his hand and stuck with it, so he tried to detach it with the other hand and his both hands were stuck with the live wire.

He said people detached the wire using a bamboo.

“When people hit the wire with the bamboo, it hit a dog and the dog died on the spot,” he said.

He blamed the KE for the mishap saying that as per norm the high tension wire should have gone dead as soon as it broke from the electricity pole, however it did not happen.

KE says ready to provide any possible help

Expressing grief over the incident, the KE spokesperson said they had heartfelt sympathy with the family and they prayed for recovery of the child.

The spokesperson said they were looking closely into the incident and were ready to provide any possible assistance to the victim family.

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