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Sindh govt takes notice of illegal hike in milk price 

KARACHI: The Sindh government on Saturday took notice of illegal hike in milk prices and sought a report from Karachi’s commissioner over the selling of milk at the price of Rs110 per litre.

Special Assistant to Sindh Chief Minister, Dr Katumal Jewan has directed Karachi’s commissioner and price control magistrates to launch a crackdown against all those selling milk at exorbitant rates in the metropolis.

The government had set the milk price at Rs94 per litre. No one, whether one was a retailer, wholesaler or a dairy farmer, can charge more rates of milk than the ones notified by the government, he said in a statement.

He warned of strict against the shopkeepers who had unilaterally increased the milk price.

Earlier, the Karachi Dairy Farmers Association defying the orders of Commissioner Karachi had increased the price of milk by Rs10 per litre.

According to details, the dairy farmers had decided to sell milk to middlemen at the price of Rs110 per liter. Official sources had said that the price of milk was notified at Rs94 per litre by the city administration.



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