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Sindh home secretary assures surety bonds for 35 poor prisoners

ISLAMABAD: Sindh Home Secretary Abdul Kabir Kazi on Tuesday assured the Sindh High Court (SHC) that the provincial government would pay surety bond for 35 inmates who could not afford to pay money, ARY News reported.

“Payment for the surety will be paid within two weeks,” Abdul Kabir Kazi said during a hearing about non-payment of surety bond by prisoners of central jail.

The court had summoned the provincial home secretary and federal human rights secretary for hearing of the petition. A bench headed by SHC Chief Justice Ahmed Ali M. Shaikh was hearing the case.

Civil Rights Lawyer Shahab Usto in his plea said that the federation should be ordered to amend laws about providing benefit to the young inmates sentenced for life.

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The federal secretary on this occasion said the government would amend the laws in this regard in one month.

The petitioner said the poor convicts who could not pay surety were still in jails. He requested the government to pay the money from Baitul Maal.

Following assurances from both the secretaries, Ostu tweeted, “I am very glad a great injustice has been undone. The poor convicts who served out their terms but couldn’t pay Arsh /Daman /Diyat will soon be out of prison.

“Credit goes to the Bench headed by hon’ble CJ SHC, who passed this historic order today in my constitutional petition.”



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