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Sindh Minister criticizes Centre over wheat support price

KARACHI: Sindh Minister for Agriculture Ismail Rahu has said that the province’s decision to fix wheat support price at Rs 2,000 per 40 kilograms wouldn’t have an impact on flour price, ARY News reported on Saturday.

Provincial agriculture minister said that the federal government’s decision to fix the wheat support price at 1,650 per 40 KG is mind boggling, as the decision was taken without giving attention to the ground realities.

The wheat crop costs to farmers at Rs 1,800 per 40 KG, the minister claimed. “We are paying more than 2,100 per maund for the imported wheat,” Rahu said. The government didn’t given heed to Sindh’s fixing the support price for wheat at 20,000 rupees per maund, he said.

“The government is importing expansive wheat from other countries but don’t think it appropriate to give our farmers their due right,” Sindh’s minister said.

“The farmer producing wheat for the country is himself deprived of two times meal,” agriculture minister said.

“When the government could fix cheaper electricity tariffs for industries, why the farmers deprived of this treatment,” he questioned.



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