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Six members of a family die by gas suffocation in Mansehra

MANSEHRA: Six members of a family were suffocated to death by gas leakage in the outskirts of Mansehra, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

Six people of a family including a couple, three children and grandmother at a house at Pano Road area in outskirts of Mansehra, were suffocated to death due to gas leak in their house.

A man Muhammad Afzal Mistri, his wife, mother and three children were sleeping at home in night, leaving the gas heater on due to severe cold weather. The heater remained on when the gas supply interrupted due to load shedding.

As the gas supply resumed the heater was on, which filled the premises with gas causing death of all six members of the family in sleep by gas suffocation, according to local police.

The dead bodies were transferred to hospital for legal formalities.

In a similar incident last year a man Jahangir, his wife Musarrat Shaheen and seven-year-old son Ahmad Jahangir had died by suffocation after their room filled with gas, police official said.

The incidents of deaths by suffocation increase in northern parts of Pakistan during freezing temperatures in winter.

According to a report, last year more than 10 people were died by suffocation in the area.



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