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WATCH: Small plane crashes in Brazil narrowly missing cars and a pedestrian

Horrifying moment of plane crash onto a busy street was caught on camera – but luckily the pilot and passenger both survive. 

Pilot Fábio Reis, 35, and his passenger, Alessandro Cunhago, 33, were able to crawl out of the wreckage after their plane came down in Guabiruba, Brazil, following a suspected engine failure on Saturday at around 10.30am.

Terrifying CCTV footage shows the plane crashing to the ground at an angle and hitting a wall, breaking into several pieces on impact but leaving the cab partially intact.

Miraculously, the light aircraft had managed to avoid four cars before it crashed upside down onto the road.

The light aircraft tried to make an emergency landing after losing altitude but hit overhead electrical cables as it descended.

To the amazement of rescuers in Brazil, Mr Reis and Mr Cunhago crawled out of the wreck on their own before help arrived.

Onlookers said the occupants were fortunate to escape alive particularly as the plane didn’t catch fire from escaping fuel.

Paramedics said they arrived to find the pilot standing disorientated beside the upturned aircraft. He had abrasions, suspected internal bleeding and fractured ribs.

The passenger, who is also a trained pilot, was found sitting on the sidewalk, complaining of a pain in his neck and lower limbs.

Both men remain in the Azambuja Hospital and medical staff reported that their health is stable.



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