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40 snakes emerge from air conditioner in farmer’s house

In an incredible incident, as many as 40 baby snakes emerged from an air conditioner installed in a farmer’s house in Meerut, India.

According to the police, the incident took place on Monday night when a farmer, Shradhanand, went to sleep in his room and saw a baby snake on the floor in Pavli Khurd village of Meerut.

He picked up the baby reptile and left it outside his house. After a short time, when the farmer returned into his room, he astonished to see three more baby snakes on his bed.

Before he could react, Shradhanand saw some more snakes emerging from the out-of-order air conditioner in the room.

He shocked to see as many snakes and called his family members for help. They took off the cover of the air-conditioner and found 36 more baby snakes inside it.

The news spread like a jungle fire in the area and created panic among the people. The farmer, with the help of his family and locals put all the baby snakes in a bag and left them in a nearby forest.

Experts said that a snake may have laid eggs inside the AC which has not been used since long.



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