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Things you might not know about Fawad Khan!

Ever since he starred in Humsafar, Fawad Khan took everyone by storm. He swept the ladies off of their feet and every guy wanted to look like him. Not only did the popular, sensational play earn him recognition within Pakistan but he became a well-known face in India as well. Since venturing into Bollywood and scoring big with the Sonam Kapoor movie Khoobsurat, Fawad is all set to become one of the leading actors of Bollywood. Here are a couple of interesting facts you may not be aware regarding the Pakistani heartthrob:-

1. Early into is career, he was very, very shy!

According to a co-star of his from Jutt and Bond, Fawad seldom used to talk to his female cast at all! He was also very much reserved with the male crew members and mostly kept to himself. Although Fawad has stepped out of his shell as a maverick actor, his reserved self forms a major part of his personality.

2. His acting talent isn’t the only thing that made him popular!

No sir! Fawad’s gifted voice also brought him and his band Entity Paradigm much fame and critical praise for their outstanding lyrics and impressive guitar music. After their debut release Irtiqa in 2003, the boy band disbanded as band members went on to pursue different projects. EP’s most prolific song till this day remains Hamesha.    

3. He married his longtime love interest

Although he has romanced multiple actresses onscreen and been married numerous times to different actresses on the silver screen, Fawad in reality married his childhood sweetheart Sadaf Fawad.

4. He is diabetic! 

Fawad has type 1 diabetes and he wears a device on his arm to monitor the disease. The hunk also credits his wife for maintaining his health and keeping all the sweet stuff away from him when he craves it!

5. He owns a business venture as well!

Yes, Fawad and his wife Sadaf are the proud owners of the brand ‘Silk by Fawad Khan’, an elegant clothing line venture designed to depict the modern woman in elegant, eastern fashion.

6. His first sitcom: Jutt and Bond. 

His first TV show was Jutt and Bond from 2000 in which he interestingly starred with his band mate Ahmed Butt.

7. His role in Khuda Kay Liye was offered to Ali Zafar first!

We saw him play a brainwashed musician who turns into a terrorist in Shoaib Mansoor’s Khuda Kay Liye. The role was at first offered to Ali Zafar who had turned it down due to his own hectic schedule. Fawad portrayed the role with finesse and it earned him the Lux Style award for Best Actor.

8. Fawad refused to shoot intimate scenes with Alia Bhatt

Although he has locked lips with Bollywood beauty Sonam Kapoor in his debut film Khoobsurat, Fawad recently refused to shoot intimate, steamy scenes with Alia Bhatt. Fawad could have taken the decision so as not to disappoint his huge fan following back in Pakistan. Oh well, decision well taken!

9. He is quite magnanimous!

Fawad Afzal Khan has a heart of gold. The young Pakistani actor works for the well being of the destitute in secret. According to recent reports, Fawad rushed to the United States and Canada to attend fundraisers and charity events for Pakistani charity organizations. Imran Khan’s philanthropic cancer hospital was also the recipient of Fawad’s donations.

10. He’s the first Pakistani to win a Filmfare award in the actor’s category!

Fawad bagged the Filmfare award fro Best Debut Actor (Male) with the critically acclaimed Khoobsurat, opposite Sonam Kapoor. This made him the only Pakistani ever to secure a Filmfare trophy in the actors category.



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