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Some Pakistani actors and actresses made a fool of themselves in India: Iman Ali

Iman Ali has always astounded Pakistani viewers with her dazzling looks and sense of style. The actress has modeled and starred in a couple of respectable Pakistani films. Her upcoming movie Mah-e-Meer is all set to release tomorrow in Pakistan. Mah-e-Meer also stars Jeeto Pakistan host Fahad Mustafa.

In a recent interview, Iman was asked to opine on the Pakistani actors who had gone to Bollywood in search of work. The actress replied that it was nice of Pakistani actors to work in India and that barriers only limited one from achieving his/her goals.


“Everyone should follow their dreams and aspiration. If our actors are doing well in Bollywood, why not? One should not put barriers on actors; mankind has forever been putting barriers up. It has not done any good to mankind anyways,” she said.

Furthermore, she made it clear that she was happy for those who had made a name for themselves in B-town as opposed to some Pakistani actors who had ‘made a fool out of themselves’.
“We should start thinking like a human being and let people be. I think whatever they want to do, good for them. As long they are not going to India and like some people who made a fool of themselves  – and there have been some – as long as they are not bringing shame to the nation, even that we shouldn’t take it personally. It’s their choice. They are not responsible for entire Pakistan, if they want to make a fool of themselves.
I am really happy for the ones who are doing good for themselves. All the best to them,” she replied.


It was but natural that she was asked if she had planned on starring in a Bollywood flick anytime soon. The actress replied that she had not planned it since she believed in a ‘divine planner’ who has always done the planning for her.

“I don’t think and plan. I think there is a divine plan and a divine planner in this existence of ours. We can do the best that we can, with whatever that is thrown our way. Planning doesn’t work for me because I believe in the divine plan and that’s the design I want to go with. So wherever the force takes me, I shall go and be the best that I can,” she said.


Can’t help but agree with some statements of Iman Ali, can’t you now?



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