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Sonam Kapoor begins shooting for her role as Neeraj Bhanot!

Sonam Kapoor will immortalize the late yet great flight stewardess, who gave up her life in a bid to rescue her passengers from a terrorist onslaught.

Sonam seemed happy, humbled and nervous at the same time, as she tweeted whilst she got ready to commence day one of the shooting on Saturday.

Neeraj Bhanot was an Indian stewardess on the ill-fated Pan Am flight 73 which landed in Karachi from Mumbai and was enroute Frankfurt. However, the 22 year old flight attendant fell victim to bullets sprayed onto her by four terrorists who boarded the plane and opened fire. Neeraj, in an unprecedented act of selflessness tried to rescue passengers as she hid passports belonging to the American passengers. The terrorists were primarily looking for American and Indian passengers to kill. The stouthearted stewardess succumbed at the hands of the militants who sprayed multiple bullets on her as she valiantly shielded three children from getting shot.

Following her demise, Neeraj was bestowed with Tamgha-i-Insaniyat award in Pakistan and Ashoka Chakra Award in India.

It is indeed a refreshing sight to see the Indian film industry paying tribute to the brave, lionhearted woman who sacrificed her lives so others could survive. Let’s hope Sonam is able to provide us with one heck of a performance, as  slain Neeraj deserves nothing less!



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