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SOPs for international flights: Here’s all you need to know

ISLAMABAD: In the wake of the government’s decision to resume international flights, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued standard operating procedures (SOPs) for international passenger and chartered flight operations.

The SOPs are aimed at minimising the risks associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the SOPs:

  • International Passenger Health Declaration form will be given to all flyers before boarding
  • Passengers will be scanned with thermal devices for Covid-19 before boarding
  • Any passenger or crew member with high body temperature shall be examined by a health professional at the airport of embarkation
  • All passengers are required to wear surgical masks throughout the flight
  • Temperature of each passenger shall be checked after a gap of 90 minutes
  • Any passenger having symptoms of COVID-19 must immediately inform the cabin crew.
  • All cockpit and cabin crew will wear appropriate PEE
  • Boarding passes shall be issued with a gap of at least one adjacent seat.
  • All luggage and cargo shall be disinfected by the airline soon after landing
  • Upon arrival, the passengers and flight crew shall be subjected to thermal scanning
  • All passengers and crew will be tested for COVID-19 soon after landing in Pakistan.
  • Passengers will be transported to quarantine facility upon arrival
  • Inbound passengers will be allowed to choose between staying in free of cost government quarantine centres or paid government-regulated hotels/facilities.
  • Tests will be conducted after arrival at the quarantine facility.





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