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SSP issued legal notice for saluting Maryam Nawaz

ISLAMABAD: SP Special Branch Arsala Saleem, who saluted Maryam Nawaz outside the Federal Judicial Academy on Wednesday, faced the wrath of cyber vigilantes on the social media moments after the footage showing her giving ‘warm salutation’ to PM’s daughter, but little did she know that this would get her into hot water.

The images of the SP were widely circulated on the social media with most of users questioning her act of saluting the lady “who doesn’t hold any public office.”


But it just didn’t end here. A lawyer has served a legal notice on SSP Arsala, asking her to apologize and explain her act of saluting a person who doesn’t hold any public or government office.

The notice served by Advocate Amna Ali reads: ““Please find the legal notice on behalf of taxpayers, citizens of Pakistan… I have personal as well as public reservation that under what authority you salute Ms Maryam Nawaz who does not hold any office and had been called by the JIT as an accused and that your action created agony and mental shock to public at large”.

Advocate Amna Ali is reportedly associated with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. She, in her to notice to the SSP, demanded an apology as well as explanation for her act.

In case of non-compliance, she also warned of legal action and damages against the SSP, which she didn’t specify.




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