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The story of Dr. Hasnat and Princess Diana

Princess Diana described him as Mr Wonderful!

The Pakistani doctor, a heart specialist, Hasnat Khan met Diana in 1995 and the Princess eventually fell in love with the doctor.


Long-time journalist Juggan Kazim says Dr Hasnat thought he could not live with a princess as he and his parents are simple living folks and Diana is a princess followed by the media and lives among the global elite.

The journalist remembers the day when Princess Diana arrived in Lahore to meet Dr Khan’s family and tried to convince them for a marriage between her and the doctor she loved.

Juggan Kazim says Diana told all that she is in Lahore to attend the fundraising event of Imran Khan’s Shaukat Khanum Hospital but in fact she wanted to meet Dr Hasnat’s family and convince them but the meeting turned out to be unfruitful.

“Diana was madly in love with Hasnat Khan and wanted to marry him,” Jemima once told Vanity Fair , “even if that meant living in Pakistan, and that’s one of the reasons why we became friends.”

Hasnat was the one person who will never sell me out!

“Everybody sells me out,” Diana told a friend the summer of her death. “Hasnat is the one person who will never sell me out.”

She was the people’s princess

On August 13, 1997, Diana was killed with her friend Dodi al-Fayed when their limousine crashed in a tunnel in the French capital Paris as it sped away from pursuing paparazzi.

Then British PM, Tony Blair, paid a moving tribute to the life and work of Diana and described her as a “wonderful and warm human being”.

“I feel like everyone else in this country today. I am utterly devastated,” he said.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Princess Diana’s family, particularly her two sons. Our heart goes out to them.”
“We are today a nation in a state of shock, in mourning, in grief that is so deeply painful for us,” he said.

The Prime Minister added: “We know how difficult things were for her from time to time. I am sure we can only guess that. But people everywhere, not just here in Britain, kept faith with Princess Diana.

“They liked her, they loved her, they regarded her as one of the people.

“She was the People’s Princess and that is how she will stay, how she will remain in our hearts and our memories for ever.”




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