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Indian media outlet claims leaking story of ‘Baaghi 2’

Trailer of Tiger Shroff-starrer Baaghi 2, was released a few days back and has rapidly jumped to top trends on Youtube and other social media platforms.

Tiger plays a lover who fights a full spectrum of enemies in a bid to find his ex-girlfriend’s daughter, who goes missing.

However, in his quest he finds strong evidences suggesting that the daughter he is looking for has never existed.

The trailer has made audiences wonder whether daughter of the heroine is real or mere a figment of her imagination.

The trailer goes so fast as the hero ploughs through villains of the movie. Tiger seems to have attained a next level of confidence for camera. His physique has grown more sinewy and rugged and his voice more controlled. He seems to have worked a lot to hone his acting skills also. There is abundance of ‘Ramboesque’ actions in the trailer.

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Baaghi 2 is produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and directed by Ahmed Khan and is slated to release on March 30 the following year.

But a news perhaps bigger than the movie’s release surfaced on Indian media when a Youtube channel “leaked” the story of the movie.

The alleged leak by media website ‘Movie Talkies’ says the movie is a remake of a Telugu flick Kshanam (Moment) which was released in March 2016 and the story of that flick goes like this:

The protagonist meets his former lover (played by Disha Patani), who is now married to somebody else. She seeks his help to find out her daughter, but the hero realises that there never was a daughter.

Later, he finds out that Disha Patani was thrashed by some scoundrels outside a school and she went into coma after getting hit on the head. Following the incident, when she recovered, she started telling people that she had a daughter who had gone missing. In the aftermath, she commits suicide.

While, Tiger continues probe and chances upon that Disha actually had one daughter and her husband wanted to kill her daughter as he blamed Disha of having extra-marital relations for he himself was sterile.

After that, it is revealed to the hero that the minor girl is in fact his own daughter from Disha.

The makers, however, are yet to comment on the alleged leak and if the movie is actually a remake of the Telugu film.

“The makers of Baaghi 2 might have changed the movie a bit to suit the sensibilities of the Hindi-speaking audience but the trailer makes us believe that it will be very similar to the original,” the Movie Talkies article and video adds.



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