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Strategic Karachi to Hub bridge at N-25 on the verge of collapse

KARACHI: A strategic bridge on N-25 highway which connects Karachi to Hub in Balochistan has been in a dangerous condition.

The reports and footage highlight dilapidated condition of the bridge, which has become dangerous for vehicular traffic after recent heavy rainfall in the region.

The N-25, which also called RCD Highway, connects Karachi and Balochistan with a number of cities across Pakistan.

Balochistan government’s spokesman Liaquat Shahwani has stated that keeping Karachi to Hub bridge in a good shape is responsibility of the National Highway Authority (NHA).

“Two letters have been sent to the NHA about the dilapidated condition of the bridge. They have responded that there was no threat to the bridge,” Shahwani said.

Recent heavy rains and flooding in Hub river has jolted the foundations and pillars of the bridge, which has been on the verge of collapse at any time.

It is pertinent to mention here that heavy vehicular traffic including trailers carrying containers of cargo passes through this bridge from Karachi to destinations in Balochistan.

The dilapidated bridge could become reason of a catastrophic mishap or accident.

People of the area have invited attention of the concerned government departments to the condition of the bridge to avoid any tragedy.

NHA Clarification

The National Highway Authority in a clarification said that the structure of Hub Bridge has been stable adding that the NHA had conducted jacketing around the pillars in Year 2017-18.

The NHA has issued clarification after a viral video regarding dilapidated condition of the bridge.

Asphalt work to enhance the age of the structure also conducted by the NHA, according to the statement.

The breach shown in the video caused by the enhanced water flow from the Hub Dam spillway, the NHA said.

Illegal digging of sand and gravel from the bed of the river is a serious problem, which has exposed the pillar to the ground level, according to the clarification.

The local administration has been asked to impose a ban on digging of sand from the river, the NHA said.

“The NHA has always given priority to the work of repair and renovation of Hub Bridge,” according to the statement.

“The bridge has been safe for travel but the NHA will still arrange an inspection of the bridge by structural experts,” the authority added.



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