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Street crime: 9,664 Karachiites deprived of cellphones in three months

KARACHI: Within last three months, 9,664 citizens of the metropolis were deprived of their cellphones during street crime incidents, Citizens Police Liasion Committee (CPLC) said. 

According to the committee, over 60 people including policemen were killed in last three months.

Besides the snatching of 9,664 cellphones, 5,813 motorbikes and 345 cars were either stolen or taken on gun point from citizens, the report issued by the CPLC noted.

The report said more than eight complaints of extortion were received and two instances of bank robbery were reported.

It is pertinent to mention the Sindh Police has set up ‘Street Watch Force’ to stop street crimes in Karachi.

The police department has prepared the force comprising 1,870 police personnel who perform their duties on bikes to root out rising street crimes.

Street Watch Force has been provided 80 motorbikes in district South and Old City Area, eight in district East, while 20 each in districts Central, Malir, West and Korangi.

They perform their duties in teams of two motorcycles with two policemen on each bike.




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