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Students of Peshawar University hit the streets against fee hike again

PESHAWAR: The students of the Peshawar University ones again took to the streets as Parliamentary committee formed to forward recommendations in matter of recent hike in fees failed to submit its report on Monday (today).

As per details, the students of Peshawar university hit the streets again as the parliamentary committee formed to submit its report within 14 days, has failed in doing so.

“Committee was given mandate to submit its report into the matters of fee hike and harassment in the university, but it failed despite passage of 40 days”, claimed the protesting students.

The students said they are unable to bear recent hike in fees and demanded of the authorities concerned to roll back its decision.

Earlier on October 4, at least 28 students of Peshawar University were injured as police baton-charged them when they were protesting against fee hike.

A large number of students had converged outside Peshawar University against hike in, but soon a rioting atmosphere was ensued. The administration had called the police to disperse protesting students and a scuffle broke out between the two sides after arrival of the law enforcers.

However, spokesperson of the Peshawar University, Ali Imran, in his explanation over the matter, had a different story to tell. “An influential group of students had forcefully occupied the boys hostel of the varsity and they were not vacating it, he said after the incident.

He said the students were stopped from staging a protest because Section-144 was imposed in the educational institution and any protest was banned under the law.



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