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Child toting submachine gun causes panic in Karachi City Court

KARACHI: In an epic show of negligence and recklessness, a police official in a local court handed over his submachine gun (SMG) to a child here on Monday, ARY News reported.

A police constable, whose identity couldn’t be ascertained immediately, gave his SMG to a child who kept toting the gun as if it were a toy.

The child kept posing for the photos and videos with a bandana on his head and sunglasses on eyes.

As soon as he put his finger on the trigger, the people surrounding the child shouted at him to not pull it.

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But in the same breath, someone from the background could be heard saying that the gun was put on a safety lock.

Till the filing of this news, no action was taken against the negligent police official whose carelessness could have resulted in the loss of several lives.

A submachine gun is an automatic weapon capable of firing several rounds within a minute’s span.

Lack of care with firearm, especially by private and public security officials, has caused several deaths in Pakistan over the years.



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