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The superwoman Ulfat who runs a paankadhaba in a male-dominated society

Karachi: From centuries, professional fields have been categorized by gender but this woman in Karachi is redefining gender roles. 

Ulfat runs a  paan ka dhaba in a majorly patriarchal society to support herself as she has no one to call her own. Ulfat decided she wants to write her own fate. From sleeping on the roads, to selling balloons to now running a dhaba, Ulfat made sure she is self-sufficient.

While speaking to ARY News, Ulfat spoke to us about her routine saying while some days are good, some days Ulfat doesn’t even have money to pay for her purchases , “I come here at 11 in the morning and leave at 3 in the night in a rickshaw. I live in a rented house, the rent is 7,000 and I live alone.”

But she urges all women to stand on their own feet, “I want to say this to all women who beg that work, in homes, or some business but work. Don’t beg please.”

Ulfat is supported by all those around her, who feel proud to see her working like that everyday, “This woman, she used to sell balloons first, sleep on roads, live here. She did not have anybody, no home; she had nothing. We supported her, we gave her a little place here and asked her to come and work hard. This lady sitting here, she is a man. She does her hard work, doesn’t beg for money.”





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