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Swan dies of sadness after her unhatched eggs get vandalised

A mother swan was found dead in her nest from a ‘broken heart’ few days after her unhatched eggs were broken with bricks by local teenagers.

The teenagers killed the unborn cygnets after hurling rocks and bricks at them last month in Bolton, Greater Manchester as a demented idea for “fun”.

The dead female was discovered hurled up in her nest as if mourning the loss of her unborn children.

Witnesses accounts have confirmed that teenagers did throw rocks and bricks at a nearby island where the swan’s nest was situated, three of her six eggs were reportedly smashed.

Wildlife activists monitoring the island and the swans that inhabited it reported that the eggs are stolen and eaten by other animals and pesky individuals on a regular basis, in the coming days only a single egg survived of the initial six since the day three were smashed by the teens.

Activists also said that the male was driven away from the nest due to stress and anxiety and had not returned since.

The female swan was harassed constantly by moor hens, ducks and a dog since her unhatched eggs were first attacked.

According to research, it has been known for swans to die of a broken heart if they lose their partners, as swans generally mate for life.



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