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‘Firoun’ makes revelations in Karachi police custody

According to interrogation report obtained by ARY News, the suspect told police that his political head in Orangi Town had given him a list of 10 people, including religious party workers, to kill them.

He said he murdered them on different occasions.

He also reportedly confessed to police that he torched several shops and vehicles during strikes called by a political party he was affiliated with.

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The suspect is called Firoun for his brutality in eliminating his targets. He said the leader of target killing squad was Alauddin alias Kala Pappu whose directions were followed by party workers.

He told the law enforcers that party leadership was pleased with his work and hence rewarded him with a job in district municipal corporation.

Police said further investigation with the suspect was underway while further raids being conducted to collar other absconding criminals.

Tipu Sultan police had arrested ‘Firoun’ in a raid on August 13.



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