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Taxi driver stabbed to death by woman over fare dispute

An Egyptian woman has stabbed a taxi driver in the chest several times after engaging in an argument over fares.

A woman stabbed a taxi driver in the chest multiple times using a sharp object before fleeing from the scene as she thought of being overcharged, according to the initial police investigation.

The driver and the traveller were reportedly got into an argument over taxi fare. The driver succumbed to his wounds before arriving in the hospital, Gulf News reported.

Police patrols were dispatched to the scene immediately after receiving a report about the crime. In light of the statements of eyewitnesses, they checked surveillance cameras to identify the perpetrator of the crime.

The suspect was later arrested after the police managed to identify the suspected woman and launched a manhunt to capture her.

The woman reportedly confessed to stabbing the taxi driver after being interrogated by police. The case will be referred to the public prosecutor for further action.



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