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Terrifying video shows angry giraffe chasing tourists’ truck

The terrifying moment was captured by the camera of a very angry giraffe chased a truckload of tourists at a nature reserve in Kenya.

The 27-year-old Dicken Muchena, teacher and photographer, spotted a huge giraffe heading towards the car when he was on a jungle tour at the Masai Mara Game Reserve – Kenya, on December 9, Dailymail UK reported.

terrifying video angry giraffe tourists truck kenya nature reserve

According to Dicken, the animal had apparently mistaken them for enemies.

It showed a huge giraffe charging at the group of tourists and getting so close that it ‘almost stepped on the vehicle’ while they were leaving from the nature reserve after completing tour.

However, the driver managed to manoeuvre the car out of its path – giving it long enough to cool down.

Luckily nobody was harmed and it eventually left them alone – but Dicken described the experience as ‘scary’. He said: ‘The giraffe seemed harmless at first – but all of a sudden it turned foul and chased us from its natural habitat.

terrifying video angry giraffe tourists truck kenya nature reserve

‘It even tried to block our exit at one point – but we managed to get away. It was certainly a scary adventure.’

Giraffes are capable of running at 40mph over short distances.



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