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Terrifying video: Skier buried under snow after falling into crevasse

The helmet camera of a skier has captured the terrifying moment after he plunged into a mountain crevasse while enjoying the trip around Mont Blanc along with his friend.

The footage showed Edouard Bozon from Lyon almost buried under the snow after falling into a mountain crevasse in the French Alps after his friend triggered a small avalanche that sent him flying into the ravine.

He was heard screaming for help besides warning his friend not to step to the close to the edge to avoid sending more snow into the crevasse or collapse of the walls. The skier sustained injuries on his leg after dropping at least three metres down.

terrifying video skier buried under snow mountain crevasse

The other skier, who is not carrying a climbing rope with him, tried to bring up Edouard Bozon from the claustrophobic pit with his ski poles.

However, he was unable to make his way down the rest of the mountain because of a broken knee ligament, Dailymail UK reported. The French skier shot the amazing moment a rescue helicopter arrived and airlifted him to safety which was recently shared online by him.

He said in his post, ‘This day we made many mistakes, that’s why I posted this video of me falling into a crevasse.’

terrifying video skier buried under snow mountain crevasse

After climbing down into a steep couloir (corridor) of a mountain, the headcam footage shows Edouard and a friend heading off down the slopes while the other group members collect their ropes.

He admitted that climbing rope can prove life-saving for someone stuck below the snow or on a cliff-edge in the case of an accident.

After shooting down a section of the couloir, Edouard stopped right beside a covered crevasse, and waited for his friend.

He said: ‘I arrived at the bottom part of the couloir, I stopped in front of the crevasse, in the middle of the couloir to wait my friend to cross the crevasse.

terrifying video skier buried under snow mountain crevasse

‘This is my biggest mistake because it was too exposed with all the snow… My friend came just above me with too much speed, the snow took me and caused the fall.’

Luckily, because his friend was so close and the hole had not covered itself, the friend quickly found Edouard and eventually pulled him off with the help of some ski poles.

The group called for a rescue helicopter which picked up Edouard and flew him to safety.

‘I broke my knee ligament but it’s a pretty low price, these places are serious and not always give you a second chance,’ he added.

‘I would add a final note, my family is heavily engaged in mountain rescuing. I grew up with their stories in mind and this time it was my own experience. I take it as a lesson.’



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