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Forty-five rattlesnakes found from Texas man’s ‘House of Snakes’

A man in the US state of Texas was freaked to death when found that his house was a shelter of snakes.

And not just any snake, but Rattlesnakes which are among the most poisonous reptiles out there.

But what was scarier was the fact that his house was a shelter to not one or two snakes, but a staggering 45 of them.

The video, which has since then gone viral on social media, has gathered over a million views. It shows rescuers unearthing the hideout of the rattlesnakes which were obviously unhappy because of the ‘raid’ at ‘their house’.

The snake hideout was discovered when a technical team was working to fix a cable issue under the home.

The company that was called to remove the snakes, however, made it clear that the house wasn’t untidy, dismissing any impressions that the dirtier the house is, the more likely it is to be inhabited by snakes.

The snake rescuers later told the local media that all the reptiles were released in the wild far from animals and people.

Nathan Hawkins, the person who removed the snakes one-by-one from the house whose owner’s identity hasn’t been revealed, said that even though the number of snakes sounded very high for an ordinary person, it wasn’t the case for them.

“The most [snakes] that I have ever removed from a home is 88”, he said.



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