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The ‘ghost’ who trapped in Iowa house chimney!!!

A foreign news agency reported that Brad Sapp said that he heard someone telling him to get out of his recycling business.


Brad told his wife Carrie about the voices he was hearing. She started teasing him about being afraid of ghosts. However, she heard a man screaming for help from the chimney the next day and was requesting her not to call the police for help.

“I was playing hide-and-seek with my cousin. … Don’t call the cops.” he said.

The cops came to the scene and the firefighters managed to free the soot-covered, naked man identified as Jordan Kajewski from the chimney.


Kajewski was arrested and charges of trespassing were filed against him.

Fire Chief Greg Shreck said, “This was definitely a first for the Carroll Fire Department.”


Sapp claimed that Kajewski had asked for a job three times at the company’s office in Carroll, which is located 75 miles northwest of Des Moines.



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