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Alleged thieves wore watermelons over heads at grocery store

Police in Louisa, Virginia reported a bizarre incident in which two people were seen wearing watermelons on their heads at a Sheetz convenience store on May 6. The duo also allegedly stole from the business.

Police said they have arrested the culprits who used watermelons as masks when they allegedly stole from a grocery store.

Police said the suspects fled in a “lifted” 2006 black Toyota Tacoma.

The department said Sunday that an arrest was made in the case. A police Facebook post with photos of the two men and an appeal to the public for information about the “melon head” suspects was deleted Monday after the arrest was announced.

The suspect in custody was identified as Justin M. Rogers. He faces a count of wearing a mask in public while committing larceny, petit larceny of alcohol, and because of he was 20, underage possession of alcohol.



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