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Khuda Mera Bhi Hai: ARY breaks the taboo with this bold new play

The teasers of this upcoming ARY Digital play are giving the drama lovers’ goosebumps and is earning praise from the sensitive sections of the society.

The reason is simple and sad at the same time; a section of our society majoriy of us don’t even like to talk about is getting all the attention in these teasers!!!

‘Khuda Mera Bhi Ha’, the upcoming play will enter into a hitherto uncharted territory by dealing with the issues of the third gender,  the stigma attached to their birth, their place in our society and the biggest question that can they be raised at home like children belonging to the the other two genders??

The channel has aired two teasers of the play which show Ayesha Khan and Jibran Syed fighting over the birth of their child who is a transgender.

While the mother (Ayesha Khan) wants to keep the child and raise it at home like a true citizen of the world, her mother-in-law and her husband want to follow the norm i.e to hand him over to the guru.

The first teaser ends with a transgender yelling ‘Nahi Pal Sakay Gii Tu Isay, Dede Hamein” (You won’t be able to raise him, hand him over to us’ while in another shot Jibran persuades Ayesha Khan to let the child go where his ‘future’ lies.

It is said that Furqan Qureshi will play the transgender child of Ayesha and Jibran.

Transgenders, their birth and their status in the society is still a taboo topic in Pakistan and they have been denied their basic rights.

ARY Digital has yet again proved that it has the courage to break the taboos as it did with ‘Chup Raho‘, let’s see if the ‘Khuda Mera Bhi Ha‘ goes in depth to highlight the intricacies of the issue.

The teasers are promising and have jolted the society. We must not forget that transgenders are humans and deserve all the love and care a human needs.



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