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This Gigi Hadid’s family dinner ritual will have you rolling with laughter

NEW YORK: The Hadid family, known to be the most sought out bunch in the International modeling industry has just shown to the world how family dinners should really be done.

Gigi, Bella, Anwar, and their mother Yolanda Hadid threw a wicked family dinner party donning exquisite designer wear, as showcased in the 2018 New York fashion week.

The model family, with the help of Vogue US, threw a stylish yet hilarious modern family dinner party, that has made people fall into fits of laughter.

The epic video which not only spotlights the trends that came out of the latest New York Fashion Week but it also serves as a homage to the iconic dinner party scene in 1988’s Beetlejuice.

As soon as Yolanda begins chanting “Day-O (The Banana Boat Song),” the family’s dramatic clothes figuratively come to life as they dance around the dinner table.

While the dance moves are hilarious, people can’t help themselves admire the Hadid family’s impossible good looks and blessed genes.

Bella Hadid looks divine in a white ensemble and while everyone looks extremely suited up and poised, it endearing to see that they incorporated minute details that made it somewhat more relevant.

For instance, Gigi asking Bella is the earring she wore were actually hers or the maid actually serving good old Mcdonalds for such a posh dinner affair.



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