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This guy’s viral tweet about Melania Trump will leave you in fits

On November 9, Donald Trump won the White House and since then, everything from his residence to his private jet is making headlines around the world.

Public interest in what the billionaire was doing, is doing and will do is all time high and even his family members cannot escape the public eye.

People have been actively tweeting all sorts of stuff about Mr Trump and his family, some criticising the gold thrones they sat upon during an interview, some sharing videos of Mr Trump’s WWE days while the satirists and fun-loving Twitter users are making funny memes of her wife Melania Trump’s meeting with Michelle Obama.

But an Indian user @krazyfrog‘s tweet about Melania Trump is so spot-on… it left everyone in fits and yes some people copied it for their Facebook walls and Twitter pages including the US comedian Chris Rock… and Mr Rock did it with his watermark… sad!

Here is the tweet and it’s just hilarious 



And here is what Chris Rock did! it is shameful.







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