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Saif Ali Khan again goes on the attack against Pakistan

Saif Ali Khan and director Kabir Khan have been taking shots at JuD chief Hafiz Saeed for his petition to seek a ban against their movie Phantom. However, it seems that Saif Ali Khan went a little further and also sarcastically made a few taunts against Pakistan, in a series of latest statements.

Reacting to Hafiz Saeed’s move, Saif Ali Khan defended the movie by saying,”The film is based on facts and everybody knows what happened during 26/11 and everybody knows who is responsible for the same. We all know that terrorists are hiding in Pakistan, so why shouldn’t we accept it? Why should we just make films on fictitious events?”

Saif Ali Khan also stated that there were terrorists in Pakistan who were responsible for the deaths of Indians but are still living in Pakistan.

“We know what the reality is. Is this a secret? Why can’t we say this in open? Aren’t there people who are dead for Indians but residing in Pakistan. You all know that right?” Saif said. “If a wanted terrorist can go to the court of law in any country, I feel it’s ridiculous. This is a sign of a really great nation that they entertain complaint by a terrorist,” said the actor.

“A lot of us who have families dating back to pre-Independence and pre-Partition would have families in Pakistan, especially Muslims. My family would also not like to do any film that bashes any community… nobody is interested in bashing Pakistan.”

Saif also went on to state that he knew whilst he was filming for the movie that it would be banned in Pakistan.

“When I was shooting for ‘Phantom’, I knew that Pakistan will ban the film without even watching it. I have made “Agent Vinod” and Kabir Khan (director) has made “Ek Tha Tiger” which were banned in Pakistan. So I am not surprised with the ban in Pakistan.”

Phantom is set to be released on August 28th.



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