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Three arrested over putting threatening banners outside SHC

Threatening banners flourished outside SHC and in Regal Chowk area of Saddar in Karachi on Monday.

Sources said Namaloom Afrad (unidentified persons) had put these banners around SHC depicting threatening slogans written on them like ‘whosoever is traitor of movement’s chief, deserves a death’, ‘successors of Altaf Hussain’, ‘death to Pakistan Rabita Committee’, ‘Farooq Sattar group unacceptable’.

Investigation is still underway as to who installed threatening banners in a high-security red-zone area. There are no reports if CCTV camera footages have seen the culprits.

It appears as if the banners were installed overnight before first working day of the week.

Interrogation is underway from the arrested suspects, while the banners have been removed.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah has taken notice of the banners and has directed Inspector General Sindh Police and Rangers to take immediate action against the perpetrators.

He directed to inform him about those supporting terrorism through banners and graffiti.

Three arrested over installing banners around SHC by arynews



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