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Three former MQM Coordination Committee members join Kamal’s PSP

KARACHI: Pakistan Sarzameen Party Chairman Mustafa Kamal on Thursday,  while addressing a press conference, announced the joining of three former members of the Mutahida Quami Moevement (MQM)’s Coordination Committee, Sakir Ali, Saleem Tajik and Naik Muhammad have joined the party.

Kamal also lashed out at critics who said that their party will not reach beyond their initial party office in Defence area, but now they have established party offices even in Gilgit-Baltitistan and Chitral, and have setups in several countries including Pakistan.

He asked MQM Pakistan leader Farooq Sattar to provide him the list of people who were not right for the party, and he would would accept a single such member in his party. He took the opportunity to criticise MQM founder and said that his intoxication had ruined the party.

He said that the army and paramilitary cannot create peace but rather provide an environment for peace. Kamal commended their role to establish peace in Balochistan, Waziristan and Karachi. He called on the Director General Rangers to leave behind a legacy of peace and well-being in the city.

He said that this was the responsibility of the political forces to maintain peace, and spread the message to the people, which the PSP was actively involved. He said that the PSP has also called on the youth of Karachi to drop their weapons, and rather pick their pens and get an education for themselves and their country.

He said that Pakistan People Party was only interested in talking to the MQM which would not speak on public issues. He said one had Chief Minister Sindh was favoring MQM Pakistan, but on the other hand an elected deputy mayor of the MQM was not even allowed to enter his offices at Civic Centre.



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